A rewarding and refreshing program

Focused on flourishing, respect, and sharing

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Zénith Academy offers a variety of dynamic activities daily, designed and organized by the center's specialized staff. The program primarily aims to preserve the skills and knowledge of each individual and to promote their development. A rich program that develops abilities related to daily life, which helps alleviate the daily concerns associated with caring for a disabled person.

Artistic, cultural, social, and physical activities are built weekly around a different theme each week. These can take the form of group animations, practical projects, or constructive games. Users thus have the opportunity to engage in various types of activities according to their interests and respective abilities. Leisure and relaxation periods are added to the daily schedule, during which users have some freedom to engage in activities of their interest. Several external outings supervised by companions and facilitated by staff are also scheduled and complete the program.

The Main Developmental Areas


Maintain and develop skills learned at school and ensure specific autonomy for each individual according to their abilities.


Integrate young adults through group activities and adapted workshops.


Fine and/or gross motor skills work for people with limited mobility.


Plastic arts and cultural visits.

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