The captivating meeting place for those 21 +

with intellectual disabilities, with or without physical impairment

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Zénith Academy is a non-profit organization that is also considered a charitable entity. Currently, thirty young adults benefit from our services, not to mention the families of these individuals to whom we offer respite and support. There is no similar organization in the region.

Défi Zénith is now in its 9th edition
(formally Défi des Collines)

Every pedal stroke will make a real difference in the lives of many disabled people in need at Zenith Academy. We are proud to announce that this edition will be held under the new honorary presidency of Sébastien Martel, president of Excavation L. Martel Inc.

Through your sponsorships, participation, and donations, you financially contribute to pedagogical, educational, sports, or cultural activities, while enabling the Academy to acquire material goods not otherwise covered by government subsidies. [Registration link].


Nearly 170,000 Quebec families support an individual with intellectual disabilities. Currently, these families face a significant challenge when their family member reaches the age of 21: entertainment and development venues are scarce, and places are very limited.

The young adult often ends up in their family environment full-time, isolated from society, which necessitates a complete rearrangement of family operations, often very difficult, especially when both parents work full-time.

Our establishment addresses this gap. Everything is done to enable the development of the full potential of each of our users through a rich and stimulating program.

Privacy Protection

For Zénith Academy, respecting rights in terms of confidentiality and the protection of personal data and information is paramount. The Academy is responsible for the protection of the personal information it holds and has appointed a person in charge of protecting such information. This person ensures that the Academy complies with current privacy and personal information protection laws.

The personal information protection officer can be reached at the email: